Saul McGrail

Saul McGrail
Saul McGrail

Born : 2697

In most circumstances, you’ll hear Saul McGrail approaching long before you actually see him. Typically surrounded by a crowd of onlookers, Saul can often be identified as the man laughing, fighting, or drinking hardest. As one of the few famous Explorers on Argos, Saul has a loud-mouthed, braggadocious attitude that either gets him the VIP treatment, or a fist to the face, depending on the system.

Saul is most famous for discovering the self-titled McGrail Wonder. A geometrically perfect, light blue-colored cube, the size of a large planetoid. Composed of some unknown substance similar to granite or quartz, it is currently unknown who created the mysterious object, or for what exact purpose. Some say that the McGrail Wonder is shrinking, a rumor that Saul denies emphatically.

Regardless, Saul remains perpetually optimistic and confident, always in the mood to hear a good joke or thrilling tale. His charming demeanor is a powerful disarming tool that Saul wields masterfully, and his free-spirited, fun-loving attitude makes it impossible to not enjoy being in his presence. He thoroughly enjoys entertaining others, and is constantly on the hunt for any excuse to throw a party.

While generally self-centered and impulsive, Saul is also kind to others, and loyal to those he considers friends. Often going out of his way to assist any stranded starships he discovers during his deep-space explorations. He craves excitement and while he usually looks for the good in others, he isn’t above breaking laws or taking shortcuts if doing so puts him in the lead.

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